Some incredible things happened when I went to the countryside to be an educated youth (reprinted)

2019-06-24 15:40:10
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There is a walnut tree ditch at the foot of Nanshan Mountain in the northeast mountainous area, where more than 60 families live. It was the sixth production team of Nanshan Brigade at that time.

It's hard to find a decent flat in the whole ditch. Most of the peasant households live in thatched houses built on hills, but the team is brick structure, sitting north and south, across the ditch mouth, like a barrier, which defines the ditch outside the ditch.

The small shop in Dongfangshan of the team headquarters is facing the main lane leading to the ditch. To the east of the main lane is a mountain spring flowing down from the ditches of Nanshan Mountain, forming a small river. On both sides of the river bed are willow mats, and the river flows northward along the main road. Across the Zhang-Ba-Kuan river, Li Jiafen lies on the canal. There are more than two mu of land, less than 40 meters parallel to the team headquarters, which is the largest flat in the whole ditch. To the East is a steep stone wall covered with moss canes, which obscures the morning sun.

The Li family has no descendants. The tombs have been deserted for more than twenty years. They are overgrown with weeds and ferocious trees. They are very gloomy. When night falls, ghosts and fires sometimes fly, sometimes sparse and sometimes dense. Few people dare to walk this road alone at night. If you encounter a "barrier" (that's what we said at the time, and now we all know the "ghost hitting the wall"), you'll have to spend the whole night in this ghost place.

One day in early August 1968, the political captain, Qin Hainong District Gouwai Brigade Headquarters, held a meeting and brought back a task. In response to Mao's great call, the city's young intellectuals went to the countryside to receive re-education from the poor to the middle, and in September they went down to the teams.

Twenty young intellectuals were assigned to their team. Before the arrival of the educated youth, the higher authorities require that the first thing is to build a good house (called "educated youth spot" or "youth spot"), the second is to prepare firewood, the third is to build a house near the team headquarters, and the courtyard. The state gives each educated youth 240 yuan for housing and living expenses. In that year, the state supplied grain, and then the gross grain in the team, not less than 600 kilograms per year. This means that the team has to fight more than 10,000 kilograms of grain every year!

Building a house is no problem. Bricks can be pulled in brigades of brick kilns, and the accounts can be calculated after autumn (ha ha); timber such as purlins and beams can be cut down in the collective larch forest area of the brigade; what about stones? There is no shortage of stones here, which is the side business of the team to make money every year; sand, the river bed is inexhaustible; glass, superiors have allocated indicators, not to mention a large amount of housing costs; everything seems ready, but the problem arises - where is the location chosen?

Qin Hainong was a recovering soldier who had participated in the anti-American and aid to the DPRK. He was thirty-four or five years old. He worked earnestly and was very popular. He held a general meeting of members that evening. At that time, the township government called the people's commune, and the peasants were also members of the commune. The exceptions of those "landlords and rich people oppose the right" elements need to be reformed through controlled labor, and then evaluated by the members'congress, in order to take off the "four categories" of elements and become a glorious member of the commune. Everyone choked the soup in disorder and could not settle down for more than two hours.

Firstly, the cultivated land can not be moved. There are more than 300 people in the whole team, and they have to hand in public grain to feed their horses. The average person is less than two mu. Around and around the team headquarters, except for the collective barn, cowshed, pigsty, and then the threshing ground, there is no available free space. At this time, someone mentioned Li Jiafen.

This is my memory, the memory of an old educated youth.

It should be said that most of them are true and true to my experience in those years; I will not write those techniques, let alone those fictional abilities. Most of the characters in the article are real names. I still keep in touch with many of them, not including those who have passed away. Some of the stories in this article are from my own experience, some are from members of the club, in short, they are all my memories.